Yoga for Expectant Mothers

Yoga is a valuable instrument for expectant mothers, both during pregnancy and in the period immediately after giving birth.

Asana (postures)

are easy and help maintain good physical health. They can ease morning sickness, vomiting, constipation, swelling, headaches, backache, digestion, blood circulation, the lymphatic system, and breathing. They are aimed at relaxing and lengthening the vertebral column, and at softening and ‘opening’ the pelvis, which also generates more space for the baby inside the womb.

Pranayama (respirations)

reduces and eliminates tiredness and nervous tension, releasing emotions and mental toxins.

Relaxation and Dharana Techniques (concentration)

help expectant mothers to feel tranquil and calm which in turn positively influences the unborn child, often making the birth process easier and also recovery afterwards.

Ayurvedic massage for Expectant Mothers

Recommended for relieving muscle tension and stimulating blood and lymph circulation.

The massage promotes the digestion of physical and mental toxins, lightens the body and gives deep relaxation with great emotional and mental benefit. It supports women in the continuous change of the gestational quarters.

The massage is practiced with specific Ayurvedic oils.