Pilates is a physical keep fit regime founded on the most natural condition of the body, that of movement.

It is a technique based on great precision where the skills, once acquired, are never lost. The mind of the person doing the exercises is directed towards the body which, working on the postural muscles, tones and corrects any asymmetries and reconstructs good corporeal equilibrium. At the same time it develops strength and flexibility, reinforcing the inner core muscles and helps to maintain a correct posture during the course of all daily activities.

BENEFITS: It develops body coordination, improves posture, the harmony of movement and respiration, increasing the flexibility of joints and muscle strength.

Hypopressive Abdominal Gymnastic RSF

What is it about?

Hypopressive gymnastic is an innovative complete postural reprogramming method, which allows you to tone the abdominal belt and the pelvic floor and, at the same time, to rebalance the static of the spine. In fact, many studies show a close relationship between TONICITY OF THE ABDOMINAL MUSCLES – THE PELVIC FLOOR and POSTURE.

It is aimed at everyone (women and men) those who wish:
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• Tone the abdominal muscles, those muscles that outline the waist and stabilize the lumbar tract
• Tone the muscles of the pelvic floor in a reflex form, where the viscera of the pelvic region rest
• Prevent and reduce the symptoms of urinary incontinence
• Prevent and improve prolapses of the uterus, bladder or rectum
• Recover postpartum muscle tone (diastasis of the rectus abdominis)
• Improve intestinal transit
• Reduce the waistline
• Attenuate back pain
• Allow for proper stretching of the spine vertebral (“self-stretching”)
• Correct posture and improve balance
• Preventing hernias
• Improve respiratory function
• Improve sports performance.

Hypopressive gymnastics is, at the same time, prevention and therapy.